RJ: Grae, I heard that “A Titanic Experience” was a big project, and that took two years to create, how does it feel now that it completed?

GP: Amazing! At one point I actually thought it
wouldn’t get finished. But I loved doing it. When
you think of all that’s on this CD it's pretty
amazing. Along with the full 10 course cooking
there’s an entire digital book entitled
“Stories of the Survivors” which was the first
book published after the disaster. It’s amazing to read.

RJ: Was the Murder Mystery Dinner party fun to create?

GP: Yes, of course! I love the glamour of the Edwardian period, so this was a blast to prepare. We tested the Murder Mystery game twice with two
different groups of people, and served the full 10

course meal with the first and then a smaller 5 course dinner with the second. Both worked well, but the second group was more fun for me as I had less to serve, and could spend more time with my guests.

RJ:Where did they get the menus? How did they know what was served on the Titanic?
GP: Menus have popped up over the years from a number of different sources. Probably the most morbid one was that they found a menu in the pocket of a Titanic Traveler who drowned.

RJ: I have to say I also loved the boudoir section, with videos on dressing and makeup tips.
GP: Thank you. There were so many ideas that contributed to the whole project. I really wanted a special section that was more feminine, and took the player into a special space where
they could explore the femininity of the Edwardian women.

I loved creating the feathered hair combs, hats and other crafts in this section.

RJ: Well the whole thing is a masterpiece and I look forward to hearing how well it does. What’s in the future for you now that “ A Titanic Experience “ is finished?
GP: I just got back from a vacation in Cuba, which was wonderful, and needed! My next two projects are software products as well. I would like to share with everyone the benefits of an Alkaline based diet, the newest findings are pointing to cancer healing benefits. There is so much information out there on this. Plus a sexy cdrom on Aphrodisiac Cooking Principles, that will be released in time for next year’s Valentines Day!

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