A very special meditation CD
that uses creative visualization to
relax the conscious mind, enabling
you to travel far beneath the ocean
to a beautiful ancient temple.
A beam of white light unfolds,
and as you enter you are bathed in
loving, healing suggestions.

Written and narrated by Grae
Phillips, The Dolphin Voyage
begins with a series of strong,
positive messages for your
conscious and subconscious
mind. All love begins
first with finding and loving
your self and then automatically
unfolds outward to others.

Using the ancient system of seven
charkas, or energy centers,
a general balancing takes place,
helping with communication
skills, decision making, self
expression, personal power and
higher comprehension. Beautiful
music, birds, waterfalls, thunder
and rain escort you on your
enlightening journey.

Love is the strongest healing force in the universe.
When a person resonates with love they are in harmony
with all things. They are in balance. They are in perfect
. It's only when we fall out of love that we become
sick and anxiety ridden. It is science, it is vibrations.
Science has proven that we are what we think about.
By repeating positive affirmations, our mind, like
fertile soil, gives life to our thoughts and we become
what we think about. Think loving thoughts about
your self and others and miraculous changes occur.

17.95 + S&H
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